Main art by: Simona Love

Birth Date: AA 794

Birthplace: Rondhill

First Appearance: "Winter" - Seasons of Albadone.

Quote: "Some things in this world are better left alone."

Handel was originally from Rondhill, where he worked as the apprentice innkeeper at The Lonesome Squire under Master Ellos. Though the inn had been promised to Handel, when Master Ellos died, his estranged son returned and claimed the inn for himself.

Handel was forced to find his fortune in Albadone, where he works as a lumberman in Albadone at the bore (a large rig built to extract the highly volatile black air from the earth.)

He lives with his wife Myr and their daughter Ellie, who is sick with an unknown disease that causes coughs, spasms, and bleeding.

These unfortunate circumstances, among other reasons, have caused Handel to fall into deep alcoholism.