Main art by: Coldwitch

The Womb of the World is the tallest mountain in western Hovardom. The mountain is comprised of a dark sediment known as black earth - a material sought after for its highly resonant enchanting properties, as well as its healing capabilities.

Surrounding the Womb are smaller foothills which extend into the western edge of the forest of Albadone. The foothills are then crossed by two intersecting rivers, the Cleo and the Ellot.

The royal Red Road, which starts in the capital of Vizen to the north and extends all the way to the south-eastern coast of Hovardom, cuts through the woods and foothills several miles from the mountain.

Map by: Dewi Hargreaves

Oral tradition among enchantresses tells that life energy (the soul and driving force within all things) first originated in the Womb of the World at the beginning of time, hence its name. This tradition is said to have been first dictated by the First Enchantress, a near-mythical character of dubious origin.

Other myths surrounding the mysterious mountain include tales of dragons. In folk tales, dragons were one of the legendary Ancient Guardians along with the mer, melk, and griffons. Legends say that the dragons were appointed by the True One to guard and protect the mountains of the world.

It is said that many dragons once populated the Womb of the World. But like with the other Guardians, they were either killed or chased away from their realm by the humanfolk.

The Womb of the World currently houses a small group of people who have fled the Albadonian fires (AA 830), as well as Mother Adriel.